2 Aaron Gallery

2101 L Street NW, Ste. 800 Hours: By Appointment Only, 202.234.3311. Aaron Gallery specializes in Abstract Expressionist style with an emphasis on color.  The gallery has paintings, sculpture and works on paper by local and national artists. Please visit and

4 Arts Club of Washington 2017 Eye St NW, (202) 331-7282, ext 119. Galleries are free and open to the public Tues-Fri 10-5, Saturday 10-2; please call to confirm hours and availability.

June 2 – July 29: Monroe and MacFeely Galleries: Works in a range of styles and media by Arts Club member artists. Juried by Scip Barnhart. Spilsbury Gallery: Featured Artist: Dick Swartz. Other participating artists include; Nik Ajazi, Lorna Aldrich, Gloria Benedetto, Camilla Bozzoli, Vicki Doyle, Susanne Eisinger, Larry Jarvik, Martine Khadr-Van Schoote, Eleanor Lally, Peggy McNutt, C. Pamela Palco, Carol Porter, Lucretia Tanner, and Earl Testerr. (Validated parking National Parking Garage (on 20th street, between I and K.)

4 Luther W. Brady  Art Gallery

The George Washington University, Media &

Public Affairs Building, 805 21st St NW, 2nd floor, (202) 9941525. Open Tues-Fri 10-5:

REFLECT: Photography Looking Forward, Looking Back expresses physical and ephemeral reflections via GW’s excellent photo collection and selected loans from local contemporary photographers. Including Louis Faurer, Sally Gall, Philippe Halsman, N. Jay Jaffee, Dean  Kessmann, Joyce Tenneson, Andy Warhol to July 7. Artistry Portrayed – photographs by Corcoran Student Matailong Du documenting the collaboration of Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company and the National Portrait Gallery.  2nd floor cases, through June 9. Timeline celebrates  the 15th Anniversary of Luther W. Brady Art Gallery and features works from the GW Art Collection in August. Expansive Visions: GW Collections Past, Present, and Future continues at The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum. The exhibit presents selected works to trace the university’s history and evolution as a presenter of contemporary art. Gene Davis, Sam Gilliam, Jacob Kainen, Willem de Looper, Herman Maril, Howard Mehring, Jules Olitski, Robin Rose, Susan Roth, Jeffrey Smith, Alma Thomas, Andy Warhol, others.

Allen Hirsch, Solar Power Drowning in a Rising Tide of Industrial Flotsam, 18 x 24 - digital print, thru Foundry Gallery, Downtown DC

Foundry Gallery 2118 – 8th Street, NW, Wed-Sun 12-6 U Street Metro – Yellow and Green lines Wed-Sat 1-7: Thru July 2:

Craig Moran, Spaced Out, large, colorful new paintings sometimes remind the viewer of Hieronymus Bosch’s nightmares, sometimes of Joan Miro’s paranoiac abstracts in which a figure is being looked at by projected perceivers. Moran’s method involves a surrealist automatism.  Piles of drawings, graffiti, advertisements, and pictures from nature books sit on his studio table.  He cuts out shapes, arranges them at random to create new images, then cuts up the result, repeatimg the process to find dreamlike, mysterious images.

Craig Moran, Swimming through an Illustrious Fishbowl, oil on canvas, 32 x 40 at Foundry Gallery, Downtown DC

July 5 – 30: Allen Hirsh: large, complex, intensely colored abstracts, landscapes, and contorted human figures.  A scientist, Hirsh distorts imagery using mathematical formulas and programs he designs, producing strange and painterly work, resembling Klimt, Richter, or the psychedelic ’60s. August 2 – 27: Guest Artists Ric Garcia and Fierce Sonia. Iconic superheros, damsels in distress, and empowered queens are portrayed in a show of paintings, digital prints and mixed media.  The artists ask questions: who gets to be the main character today? – and: how do changing roles and narrative assumptions change these stories’ impact?

2 Guarisco Gallery 1120 22nd Street NW (The Ritz-Carlton) 2828 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (Four Seasons)(202) 333-8533Mon-Fri 9am-6pm  Sat-Sun 10am-5pm One of the largest and leading galleries worldwide. Collections: 19th Century Academic, Impressionist/Post-Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary. Artists include: Renoir, Cassatt, Picasso, Pissarro, Gauguin, Cassigneul, Venard.

IDB Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank

1300 New York Ave NW, (202) 623-3774, Mon-Fri 11-6    

20 years promoting culture. The IDB Cultural Center has awarded over 500 technical cooperation grants for projects seeking to democratize access to culture.

7 Touchstone Gallery

901 NY Ave, NW,  202.347.2787. email: Open Wed-Th, 11-6, , Fri 11-8, Sat-Sun 12-5.

June 2 – July 2: GALLERY A: Landscapes of the Heart-Land. Captivated by outer and inner landscapes, our artists explore America’s wide open land and/or psychological forms found only in their hearts. A variety of media express the travels: painting, clay, photography, hand pulled prints, sculpture, collage, and drawing. From sweeping landscapes of mountains and the sea, to intimate interior landscapes. GALLERY B: Veiled Consciousness by Lionel Daniels (Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow (2015-2017).  Daniel’s figurative paintings explore the double consciousness and veil worn by African Americans past and present as expressed in W.E.B Dubois’s Souls of Black Folk. GALLERY C: Jane Doesn’t Need Dick: Origin of Love by Jo Ann Block (Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow (2015-2017). Jo Ann Block’s autobiographical collages, piecing together her trajectory from growing up queer and struggle toward emancipation from social stigma. Her collages meld historical and personal imagery, using varied materials and methods to cut and paste a complex identity.

July 7 – 30:
GALLERY A: Touchstone Gallery Member Show. GALLERY B: I Belong Here, Art of the Shaw Community, juried show of student work from the Touchstone@ArtSpace project, bringing Touchstone artists to Art Space DC in Shaw, to share their skills and passion with children and parents via workshops. GALLERY C: Claudia Samper’s Connecting the Dots series of drawings, paintings and transparencies explores our perception of communication. One connects the dots to interpret unknown and maybe contradictory messages, searching for some clarity and coherence.

August 4 – 24: GALLERY A, B and C: National Juried Show, Art of Engagement, juried by Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator, Katzen Arts Center.

6 Watergate Gallery Watergate Mall, 2552 Virginia Ave NW (202) 338-4488, fax (202) 338-4489 Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-4. www.watergategalleryframedesign

June 10 – July 8,  MOTIONIn Two and Three Dimensions. Richard Binder creates sculptures,after a career in medicine.  These dynamic sculptures in steel create 3-dimensional compositions of vivid lines, curves and edges resulting in object of strength and permanence.  Jorge Caligiuri is from Argentina. Here he works in interior and decorative objects design. Using encaustic and fresco he creates pieces with line, pattern and color to express  “the interplay between what nature has created and what man creates in organic environments”.

July 15 – September 16: Nine Summer Sensations. J. Ford Huffman, Barbara Kobylinska, Jane Pettit, Wendy Plotkin-Mates, Lucy McMahon, Carol Radin, Mike Shaffer, Veronica Szulus, Josh Whipkey.  A variety of indoor and outdoor wall, pedestal and floor sculpture, along with small to large paintings. We offer fine custom framing, specializing in conservation using archival quality materials and techniques. Located in the historic Watergate complex in Foggy Bottom next to The John F. Kennedy Center.

Zenith Gallery At 1429 Iris St., NW  call 202-783-2963, Open, Friday and Saturday 12-6 pm, Daily by Appointment email:

The Gallery at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, M- F, 8 am –  7 pm: Thru September 9: Variety Is The Spice of Life! Artistic elements collide at the 1111 Sculpture Space, which we have had the honor to curate for over a decade. A kaleidoscope of artist’ come together, representing multitudes of artistic media, creating a mini- version of our flagship gallery on Iris Street.  From traditional West African wood carving, to mixed media collage painting, to fabricated steel, we have cultivated a true smorgasbord of artistic excellence Featuring: Richard Binder, William Ludwig, Julie Girardini, Carol Newmyer, Margery Goldberg, Aaron Laux, Todd Warner, Larry Ringgold, Stephen Hansen, Chris Malone, Ibou N’Diaye, Paul Martin Wolff, Gloria Kirk, and Gavin Sewell. Uptown:

Zenith Gallery, 1429 Iris St NW: Dangerous Flower: Hadrian Mendoza, thru July 1. Internationally recognized artist Hadrian Mendoza uses innovative firing techniques to present modernized takes on Filipino folk traditions. Join Zenith Gallery in celebrating  Mendoza’s solo exhibit, titled “Dangerous Flower”, ceramic creations that are thought provoking and modern while simultaneously paying homage to the ancient art of pottery.  In Dangerous Flower, Mendoza explores the dichotomy of danger and beauty.  Inspired by the mathematical design of the stamen circulating the pistil, he uses porcelain and stoneware clay to create a contrast in color and texture in his works.  Sharp renditions of porcelain stamens are placed in rhythmic patterns that evoke a menacing feel and at the same time bloom with grace.  Mendoza says, “We all can relate to the Dangerous Flower. Many things in life are appealing but at the same time, have to be approached with caution.”

Submit Artwork to
RESIST Juried Show

• Send 1-5 images of work at 72dpi resolution but please have 300 DPI available.

• CV, Artist Statement.
Maximum height is 50” tall

• All work selected must be Gallery Ready
to install

• Artist is responsible for shipping
expenses or dropping off/retrieving work within announced time frame.

• Fee: $20. To the Zenith Community Arts Foundation. 501 C-# Non Profit, 1429 Iris St., NW WDC 20012

Submissions Deadline:
Friday, June 16, 6 pm

July 13-Sept 1: Juried Show: RESIST, Re-Invigorate and Express Your Views, Thoughts and Concerns. This summer we present an exhibit titled “RESIST” in honor of the latest resist movements captivating the globe. We invite professional artists to submit works that interpret and reflect on the state of our world today. What has surfaced in your work, what do you need to express and protest? Have you traveled to join marches, made new connections? Whether inspiration or actual scenes – be it the Women’s March, the March for Science, Climate Change, No DAPL, Education, Air Quality, Water, Food – How are these times making you feel? What is happening to our democracy and our government and the people in our city, nation and world.

See also, Uptown page.

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