Dupont Circle

Alex Gallery 2106 R St NW, (202) 667-2599.
Open Tues-Sat 11-5, Sun & Mon by appt.                                

Alex Gallery: Gallery artists from Europe and the U.S including Jan Beekman, Ingo Glass, Gerard Le Roux, Otto Scherer,  Linda Touby, Hans Versteeg, and Valius Vytautus.

Gallery A: Patrice Huguier, Alex Lord, Mago, Lynn Mokarski Mauer, Holly Meeker Rom, Jaroslaw Sznytzer, and Yoichi Tamaki.

9 International Arts & Artists’ Hillyer Art Space

9 Hillyer Ct. NW, 202-338-0680, Fax 202-333-0758. email: gallery@artsandartists.

Mon. 10-5, Tues.-Fri. 10-7, Sat. 11-4.

January 6-29:
Heather Clark – Feeding the Monster: In Pursuit of the American Dream. Clark builds systems that critique our current world predicament. Her work plays on what she calls cultural neurosis: the human tendency to over-consume, over-build, over-groom, etc. in lieu of direct physical exertion to ensure survival.

Sarah West – mirror/portal/screen. Sarah West explores spiritual seeking through our relationships with painting and digital devices. Both act as mirrors: painting reflects the trace of the artist’s hand while the digital device acts as a literal mirrored surface.

Steve Dolbin – Contemporary Relics:  Recent Work. The breadth of this work deals with the spiritual dialogue humans once had with the physical landscape and the more economic resource oriented relationship that has come to dominate the present.

February 3 – 26:

Casey Snyder – In Between. In Between will serve as a continuation of Snyder’s studio research in our conceptualization of space, presence, and materials. Snyder’s art is motivated by the spatial and how light is used to describe form.

Blaise Tobia - Plain & Fancy; Catastrophes. Tobia is a fine artist working with photographic imagery. His subject matter has been, primarily, global urban landscapes and material culture. Plain & Fancy, represents the outside and inside of Amish horse carriages and, further, the Amish concepts of public/exterior plainness and private/interior freedom to indulge personal taste. Catastrophes, consists of equally large-scale (but singular) prints, of highly enlarged everyday objects floating in black space.

Pin-Chieh Tseng – Soliloquize. The concept of Soliloquize is to elaborate the communication relations between people. Tseng has always been obsessed to observe human behavior such as politicians in a meeting of their posture actions, details of the conversation between friends or some passengers who communicate with each other in a specific place and so on.

2 Marsha Mateyka Gallery

2012 R Street NW, (202) 328-0088. fax: (202) 332-0520, e-mail: Open Thurs-Sat 11-5.

The gallery represents the Estates of Gene Davis and Nathan Oliveira, as well as the work of Jae Ko, Jim Sanborn, Athena Tacha, Nancy Wolf, Kathleen Kucka and others.

Call for info.

3 Studio Gallery

2108 R St NW (downstairs), (202) 232-8734.  Wed-Fri 1-6 pm, Sat 11-6 pm, Sunday by appt.

January 4-28: HEAT + LIGHT, featuring Washington Wax Works. Encaustic begins hot. Once its molten surface cools, light reveals hidden depth and detail that seduce and intrigue the viewer.  Artists: Kathleen Anderson / David Evans / Nancy Hacskaylo / Marty Ittner / Katie Dell Kaufman / Kevin Milstead.

Otis Street Arts Project: Situated within the Gateway Arts District in the “Artists by the Tracks” section of Mount Rainier, Otis Street Arts Project serves as artist studios, exhibition space, and a creative incubator for those interested in a dynamic, supportive, and community oriented work environment. Artists: Sean Hennessey / David Mordini / Hebron Chism / Gloria Chapa / Jenna North / Liz Lescault / Chris Bohner / Alma Selimovic / Art Drauglis.

Kiki McGrath, Aerial Roots, 2016. 16 x 16”, mixed-media on paper, thru Studio Gallery

February 2-25: Kiki McGrath-Aerial Roots.Orchids, bare branches and gardens in winter are sources for new paintings by Kiki McGrath. Abstracting from the natural world, her gestural brushstrokes distill intricate forms that suggest gnarled roots or climbing vines. In her installation at Studio Gallery she responds to live arrangements by six Ikebana artists.

Also in the Gallery: Jean Kim explores and investigates the use of space and dimension through mixed-media sculpture. Working with materials that are flexible, she repurposes and reshapes such objects as branches, LED lights, duct tape, and yarn to express her own experiences and perspectives, engaging viewers in meaningful dialogue. In Jean Kim’s world, the art, the walls, the floor, the viewers – all create a new dimension.


Jean Kim, Untitled - Ivory, 2016. Synthetic leather, insulation fabric, tire, button snaps, LED lights, foam, duct tape, thru Studio Gallery










































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