Dupont Circle

Alex Gallery 2106 R St NW, (202) 667-2599.
Open Tues-Sat 11-5, Sun & Mon by appt.                                

Alex Gallery: Master works from the 1980s and 1990s painted by Lithuanian artist Valius Vytautus. Gallery artists from Europe and the U.S including Jan Beekman, Ingo Glass, Gunter Grass, Gerard Le Roux, Otto Scherer,  Linda Touby, and Hans Versteeg.

Gallery A: Nancy Angulo, Patrice Huguier, Alex Lord, Mago, Lynn Mokarski Mauer, Corinne Ranson, Holly Meeker Rom, Jaroslaw Sznytzer, and Yoichi Tamaki.

9 International Arts & Artists’ Hillyer Art Space

9 Hillyer Ct. NW, 202-338-0680, Fax 202-333-0758. email: gallery@artsandartists.
Mon. 10-5, Tues.-Fri. 10-7, Sat. 11-4.

Preconceptual: Zeitgeist IV curated by Sondra Arkin, Thomas Drymon, and Ellyn Weiss, March 3 – April 2. “Zeitgeist” is a German word meaning “the spirit of the times.” This exhibition is the fourth in a series of group exhibitions curated by Sondra Arkin and Ellyn Weiss, now joined by Thomas Drymon, that brings together a group of artists for exploration of a particular subject that seems to the curators to capture a particular mood or theme important to the moment. This year, the theme for the fourth installment of Zeitgeist, grew initially out of the observations the curators made about the current state of the art world, but can be reflected and magnified in the broader society around us.

Billboards by Osvaldo Mesa , March 3 – April 2.

Osvaldo Mesa is a Cuban born artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. Growing up in Miami, he started taking painting classes at the age of ten with a Cuban artist who had studied in Spain, so his training has been very traditional. In college, he was introduced to Abstract Expressionism and began to reject much of his previous training. He did so by breaking up the canvas stretchers and tying them together with canvas, and then adding paint to the surface.

2 Marsha Mateyka Gallery

2012 R Street NW, (202) 328-0088. fax: (202) 332-0520, e-mail: Open Thurs-Sat 11-5.

The gallery represents the Estates of Gene Davis and Nathan Oliveira, as well as the work of Jae Ko, Jim Sanborn, Athena Tacha, Nancy Wolf, Kathleen Kucka and others.

Call for info.

3 Studio Gallery

2108 R St NW (downstairs), (202) 232-8734.  Wed-Fri 1-6 pm, Sat 11-6 pm, Sunday by appt.

EXPLORATIONS AND MEANDERINGS, Eleanor Kotlarik Wang,  March 1 – 25.  In this series, the artist explores the complexity of tai chi footwork focusing on movements and stances which both begin and end the exercise form.  Formal analysis gives way to winding meanderings in the lines that connect the movements of physical and creative energy.

The Still Point, Jo Levine,  March 1 – 25.

The photographs in Jo Levine’s show were inspired by these lines from T.S. Eliot’s poem, Burnt Norton: At the still point of the turning world.….Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is ….

This passage expresses Levine’s vision of photography:  like the still point, a photograph stops time and motion, capturing a unique moment that cannot be precisely revisited because of changes in the quality of light, the effects of time, and the viewer’s own experiences. Levine’s photos, taken in both the natural and human-made worlds, embody the stillness, serenity, and mystery evoked by the poem.











































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