Dupont Circle

Alex Gallery 2106 R St NW, (202) 667-2599.
Open Tues-Sat 11-5, Sun & Mon by appt.                                

Alex Gallery: Master works from the 1980s and 1990s painted by Lithuanian artist Valius Vytautus. Gallery artists from Europe and the U.S including Jan Beekman, Ingo Glass, Gunter Grass, Gerard Le Roux, Otto Scherer,  Linda Touby, and Hans Versteeg.

Gallery A: Nancy Angulo, Patrice Huguier, Alex Lord, Mago, Lynn Mokarski Mauer, Corinne Ranson, Holly Meeker Rom, Jaroslaw Sznytzer, and Yoichi Tamaki.

9 International Arts & Artists’ Hillyer Art Space

9 Hillyer Ct. NW, 202-338-0680, Fax 202-333-0758. email: gallery@artsandartists.Correct Hours:
Mon 12-5 pm, Tue-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 12-5 pm, Sun 11am-5pm, and by appointment

Hillyer Art Space presents three new solo exhibitions opening on April 7th for Dupont Circle First Friday Gallery Walk, featuring Zoe Linn Jarvis, Bonnie Crawford Kotula, and Judith Pratt. Jarvis’s In Bloom features her large scale colored pencil drawings inspired by the flowers that bloomed wild and untamed in the pastures at her family’s farm, and later by the many bouquets she received from her fathers funeral; representing nature’s beauty, memory, and love. Crawford Kotula’s Light Emitting  Studies is part science experiment, part meditation, and part mischief; featuring sculptures that combine tiny blinking electrical circuits, her watercolor insomnia drawings, and an interactive installation of tiny viewfinders with her paintings inside.  Pratt’s Point of Origins is an installation constructed entirely of paper and paper-related materials to emphasize the connectedness of identity and place, offering the viewer an immersive, collaborative journey that encourages each person to freely bring his or her personal interpretation of place of origin to it. It is not a specific narrative. It is a communal experience.

2 Marsha Mateyka Gallery

2012 R Street NW, (202) 328-0088. fax: (202) 332-0520, e-mail: Open Thurs-Sat 11-5.

The gallery represents the Estates of Gene Davis and Nathan Oliveira, as well as the work of Jae Ko, Jim Sanborn, Athena Tacha, Nancy Wolf, Kathleen Kucka and others.

Call for info.

3 Studio Gallery

2108 R St NW (downstairs), (202) 232-8734.  Wed-Fri 1-6 pm, Sat 11-6 pm, Sunday by appt.

Chris Chernow & Abigail Maxey-brainstorm, examines the delicate nature of the brain. Stark white sculptures in prescription vials stand behind medicine cabinet doors. Emerging brain imaging techniques offer source material for larger scale drawings.

Elizabeth Curren-Little Worlds: Skopelos Dreamings. These works are about space.  The opportunity to paint on the island of Skopelos, off the coast of Greece, opened my eyes to the brilliant blues, greens, corals and umbers that occupy the space between earth, sea and sky.  Squinting in the intense sunlight, one can imagine the curve of the far horizon. The studio is high on the side of a steep hill overlooking a cove: the translucent water holds coral reefs, submerged rocks, a teeming ecosystem, all below the sun-baked landscape that sits in between.  At night I dreamed about these spaces and each day I recreated them.

Harriet Lesser – Red Dot. Just before an exhibition with the Royal Academy in 1832, artist JMW Turner walked up to his featured painting Helvoetsluys and added a small dot of vermillion. It was later said that this act showed that “…real artistry lies in restraint and understanding.” The single red dot became a recurring feature in many of Turner’s works. Turner’s red dot, and what it stands for, has influenced Harriet Lesser’s new series of works, which are compositions of both intensity and restraint.












































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