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Andrei Kushnir Studio/American Painting

5125 MacArthur Blvd., NW, Suite 17
By Appointment or Chance.

Painted Washington, DC, by members of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters, June 3 to Sept 16.  Annual summer show, featuring oils, watercolors, pastels, and acrylics depicting the charms of the Nation’s Capital, by members of the region’s most venerable painters’ society.  Subjects include the museums, galleries, plazas, streets, parks, neighborhoods, restaurants, and other attractions that make Washington DC a great place to live and visit.  Artists include Web Bryant, Bernard Dellario, Catherine Hillis, Andrei Kushnir, Barry Lindley, Lynn Mehta, Glen Perry, Bill Schmidt, Jean Schwartz and Bob Thoren.  Also works by gallery artists Michele Martin Taylor, David Baise, Carol Spils, Michael Francis, and Ross Merrill.

See Summer magazine front cover.

Andrei Kushnir, Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin Oil on Panel, 8" x 12" Andrei Kushnir/Studio, American Painting

1 American University Museum
at the Katzen Arts Center

4400 Mass. Ave NW, (202) 885-1300. Tues thru Sun 11-4.          www.american.edu/museum.
At facebook.com/AmericanUniversityMuseum.

June 17 – August 13:

PERFORMING THE BORDER, Curated by Megan Rook Koepsel/ Featuring Washington artists Clay Dunklin, Amy Lin, Susana Raab, Jenny Wu, and Street Light Circus, the works in Performing the Border explore the concept of borders and boundaries, both the ways we perform within them, and the way those borders are often themselves a performance.

VAL LEWTON: FROM HOLLYWOOD TO BREEZEWOOD. A retrospective of Val Lewton, brings it all to bear; Lewton’s Hollywood childhood, his lifetime in front of the canvas, his knowledge of color, his unerring command of the paint-loaded brush and his certitude about how best to structure a painting. His paintings use artifacts of traffic and run of the mill objects—cars, trucks, roadways, semi-demolished buildings, paint cans—to create improbably beautiful and personal compositions.

FREDERIC KELLOGG: WORKS IN OIL AND WATERCOLOR, Curated by E.A. Carmean, Jr. Kellogg’s work belongs within—and extends—the tradition American landscape, figural and still-life painting; a quarter-millennium course flowing from John Singleton Copley and Thomas Cole to Milton Avery and Andrew Wyeth. Kellogg works by a combination of sketches made in his constant-companion notebook, of watercolors done en plein-air, or in the studio from notes, or painting in oil on canvas. All three forms are included in this show, featuring landscapes from Maine and Washington, DC.

STATES OF BEING: PHOTOGRAPHS OF CUBA AND NORTH KOREA BY CARL DE KEYZER. 60 photographic prints of scenes from the two communist nations, by Belgian photographer Carl De Keyzer. The Cuba photos, with series title, Cuba, la lucha, were taken shortly after President Barack Obama’s 2014 speech inviting the relaxation of the Communist island’s 56-year embargo. The North Korean prints were shot in 2015 with the British-run Koryo Group. During this time, De Keyzer traveled and documented each province in the country. These photographs powerfully capture the struggles and the leisure of everyday Cubans and North Koreans in uncommon scenes.


FOON SHAM: ESCAPE, Curated by Laura Roulet Monumental, participatory sculptural work by Foon Sham remains on view through August 13 in the outdoor sculpture garden and first floor of the museum.

The Arts Walk At Monroe Street Market

716 Monroe St. NE, Washington DC,
Brookland – CUA  Metro, 202-652-4701

The Arts Walk at Monroe  Street Market is home to a group of award-winning artists specializing in painting, drawing, photography, mixed-media, sculpture, poetry, film and theater; all contemporary work is created in the artists’ studios/gallery spaces, seven days a week.  Featuring 27 individual studios aligning a pedestrian walkway, The Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market is a unique destination in the growing Brookland-Edgewood arts district, just steps from the Brookland-CUA Metro station.

Each studio maintains its own hours and programming schedule so please check open hours through the artist.  However, most studios are open on Third Thursdays from 6-9 PM.

5 Friendship Gallery

Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 South Park Ave., Chevy Chase (behind Brooks Bros., Friendship Heights Metro), 301-656-2797. Mon- Thur, 9 – 9, Fri, 9 – 5, and Sat and Sun, 9 – 2.

Thru June 24: The Montgomery Art Association; June 26 – July 29: Pets on Parade, open to all area artists; July 31 – Sept. 2: August Abstracts, featuring painters, photographers and sculptors.

Lavinia Wohlfarth Galleries

Washington, DC and Provincetown, MA
3418 9th Street NE, Brookland DC
202-526-8022 gallery, 202-297-1125 cell
1/2 block Red Line Metro, CUA/Brookland
Wed thru Sat, 12 – 4 pm, and by appt.

A contemporary gallery founded in 1990 by Lavinia Wohlfarth to represent the students of the Cape Cod School of Art in the tradition of Charles W. Hawthorne and Henry Hensche. Wohlfarth Galleries presents ongoing monographic and group exhibitions of works in all media, selected to promote the gallery artist, the mission of the gallery, and to bring a broad range of programing to Washington, DC and Provincetown, MA.

Landscape, Portrait, Fine Drawing, and Sculpture. Large impressive plein air permanent collection. New paintings by Lisa Farrell, William Papaleo, Liz Lirete Vest, Dan Neidhardt, and more. Services: Consultation, Appraisal, and Authenticity. Custom framing on location.

5 Wonder Graphics Art Services

4622 Wisconsin Ave NW, 202-328-8100.
Hours: Tues thru Sat 11-5:

Deborah Gay, Still Life # 1 linocut, 9" x 11", at The Cabinet Art, Uptown/DC

BLACK AND WHITE, the last exhibition at the Wonder Graphics Tenley Gallery, showcases prints and art with unambiguous meaning.  A man sitting in an alley just beyond the sunlit area with his head down on his arms in Norman Strike’s linocut is Down on his luck.  Deborah Gay’s linocuts strike a balance of black and white with fine lines. A micro or macro view is chosen by the viewer in a print of a paper airplane that either rests on doodles on a desktop or hovers over petroglyphed rooftops.  Migration across a constellated sky is one underlying theme in Flying By, a monotype by CC Vess; free flight is another.  Woodcuts and etchings by Ann Zahn and a new series of archival digital prints by Lucy Blankstein.

The Unveiling Event
Political Stained Glass Pieces by
Karen Hillmer
610 Mississippi Avenue. Silver Spring, MD
Phone: 301-585-5083
Sunday, June 11, 3pm
All invited. The unveiling will be followed by a few short speeches and a meet-and-greet.

Karen Hilmer’s stained glass window in light to dark grey reminds us in Gothic letters that DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS. The meaning is heightened with democracy in glowing red.  A companion window says RESIST.  Red also enlivens the hot backstory factor in linocut portraits of Carmen and Don Jose by Maureen George.

Traudis Kennedy, "for 95." oil pigment/ canvas, 30x 24" at The Cabinet Art, Uptown/DC

The Cabinet Art
4622 Wisconsin Ave NW,
202 328-9100
Sat 11-5 and by appointment.

Contemporary art on paper by DCMV artists to fit your budget and style.  Other media by studio visits.  Art collection services including inventory and storage management.


Top Drawer:  STARS, STRIPES and RAINBOWS: Color coalesces into any or all of these emblematic symbols either within a representational composition or standing on their own including designer flags for ships, shops or imperatives.

Claudia Vess Untitled acrylic on arches watercolor paper, 30" x 48" at The Cabinet Art, Uptown/DC

Second Drawer:  DECLARATIONS:  A celebration of freedom including prints and watercolors of the capital, the national mall and monuments, presidential sketches, and subject matter highlighting Washington, DC.

Cabinet ARTIST Portfolios:  Blankstein, Cusick, Huff, Mark, Penay, P Segnan, R Segnan, Stout, Strike, Unger, Vess, Zahn.

Lucy Blankstein, "Great White Heron," Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Del Ray Beach Palm Beach County, Florida archival digital print, 7.5" x 10", at The Cabinet Art

Zenith Gallery, see also Downtown/DC.

1429 Iris St NW. For an appointment, info,
gallery hours & address call 202-783-2963
email: art@zenithgallery.com

Dangerous Flower: Hadrian Mendoza,
May 12-July 1. Internationally recognized artist Hadrian Mendoza uses innovative firing techniques to present modernized takes on Filipino folk traditions. in Mendoza’s solo exhibit,  ceramic ations that are thought provoking and modern while simultaneously paying homage to the ancient art of pottery.

In Dangerous Flower, Mendoza explores the dichotomy of danger and beauty.  Inspired by the mathematical design of the stamen circulating the pistil, he uses porcelain and stoneware clay to create a contrast in color and texture in his works.  Sharp renditions of porcelain stamens are placed in rhythmic patterns that evoke a menacing feel and at the same time bloom with grace.  Mendoza says, “We all can relate to the Dangerous Flower. Many things in life are appealing but at the same time, have to be approached with caution.”

For almost 4 decades Zenith Gallery has been a pillar in the DC arts community. We attribute our success to our ability to transform with the ever-changing times by combining our longstanding commitment to unique artworks with our personalized, high quality customer service.





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