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Andrei Kushnir Studio/American Painting

5125 MacArthur Blvd., NW, Suite 17
By Appointment or Chance.

Current Exhibit: Spring Selections.  Recent work by gallery artists. Our gallery is dedicated to the finest work in landscape, still life, genre, urban and marine art by current traditional American painters, many with national reputations, including recent works by Andrei Kushnir (Landscape and Marine), Michele Martin Taylor (Post-Impressionist), David Baise (NYC Watercolors and Acrylics), Carol Spils (Archetypal), Michael Francis (Urban Landscape), and Ross Merrill (Eastern Shore, Western Landscape). We specialize in paintings of Washington, D.C. and environs.

Andrei Kushnir, Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin Oil on Panel, 8" x 12" Andrei Kushnir/Studio, American Painting

1 American University Museum
at the Katzen Arts Center

4400 Mass. Ave NW, (202) 885-1300. Tues thru Sun 11-4.          www.american.edu/museum.
At facebook.com/AmericanUniversityMuseum.

April 1 – May 28:

SHARON WOLPOFF AND TAMMRA SIGLER: GEOMETRY AND OTHER MYTHS. At first glance the art of Sharon Wolpoff has little in common with the art of Tammra Sigler. Wolpoff is a painter of carefully composed scenes from life. Sigler is an expressionist artist who is known for improvisation and bravura brushwork. Similarities and contrasts emerge as they engage with different paths to knowledge: geometry, psychology, and spirituality.

SUMMERFORD LEGACY. Ben L. Summerford (1924-2015). The artists in this show studied under Professor Summerford from 1951-1987. Some stayed close to their artistic roots in AU’s Department of Arts, and some used those roots to support far-flung but personal explorations.

FOON SHAM: ESCAPE, April 1 – August 13: Foon Sham is a master of wood sculpture. To be within one of his vessel sculptures is to experience the palpable space of a woodland creature’s habitat, or the concealed space of someone wanting to hide. For the Escape exhe has built two tunnels, one horizontal measuring 62 feet long, the other vertical towering 36 feet high. Escape is one of a series of participatory sculptures meant to be experienced with all the body’s senses and to resonate socially. Dualism, as in the Taoist yin/yang dichotomy, is a consistent theme in Sham’s work. Escape may be possible spiritually, if not physically. The journey may be short and sensory, or evocative of bigger issues like the death-defying travails undertaken by Central American and Syrian refugees.

FIRST AND SECOND YEAR STUDIO ART MASTERS OF FINE ART CANDIDATES, April 1-April 19, First year students present work completed during their first year, followed by thesis presentations of MFA second year students, April 29-May 28.

TIME STANDS STILL: ELZBIETA SIKORSKA, April 1 – May 28. No matter how we reflect on time, it is a contemplative and complicated subject. Time affects everything: people, animals, woodlands, earth, stone, and artifacts. These are the elements that Elzbieta Sikorska uses in her large scale, multimedia drawings, conceived as loose pictorial narratives whose common thread is the continuity of being.

The Arts Walk At Monroe Street Market

716 Monroe St. NE, Washington DC,
Brookland – CUA  Metro, 202-652-4701

The Arts Walk at Monroe  Street Market is home to a group of award-winning artists specializing in painting, drawing, photography, mixed-media, sculpture, poetry, film and theater; all contemporary work is created in the artists’ studios/gallery spaces, seven days a week.  Featuring 27 individual studios aligning a pedestrian walkway, The Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market is a unique destination in the growing Brookland-Edgewood arts district, just steps from the Brookland-CUA Metro station.

Each studio maintains its own hours and programming schedule so please check open hours through the artist.  However, most studios are open on Third Thursdays from 6-9 PM.

5 Friendship Gallery

Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 South Park Ave., Chevy Chase (behind Brooks Bros., Friendship Heights Metro), 301-656-2797. Mon- Thur, 9 – 9, Fri, 9 – 5, and Sat and Sun, 9 – 2.

April 3 – 29, Chinese calligraphy and brush painting by Nellie Chao.

Lavinia Wohlfarth Galleries

Washington, DC and Provincetown, MA
3418 9th Street NE, Brookland DC
202-526-8022 gallery, 202-297-1125 cell
1/2 block Red Line Metro, CUA/Brookland
Wed thru Sat, 12 – 4 pm, and by appt.

A contemporary gallery founded in 1990 by Lavinia Wohlfarth to represent the students of the Cape Cod School of Art in the tradition of Charles W. Hawthorne and Henry Hensche. Wohlfarth Galleries presents ongoing monographic and group exhibitions of works in all media, selected to promote the gallery artist, the mission of the gallery, and to bring a broad range of programing to Washington, DC and Provincetown, MA.

Landscape, Portrait, Fine Drawing, and Sculpture. Large impressive plein air permanent collection. New paintings by Lisa Farrell, William Papaleo, Liz Lirete Vest, Dan Neidhardt, and more. Services: Consultation, Appraisal, and Authenticity. Custom framing on location.

Watercolor Botanicals by Donald Davidson, thru April 15. Twenty sensitive renditions of native flora and cultivars. See cover image.

5 Wonder Graphics Art Services

4622 Wisconsin Ave NW, 202-328-8100.
Hours: Tues thru Sat 11-5:

Wonder Graphics custom framing includes door-to-door service for organizations, specialty pedestal display and specialized in custom box framing for sports artifacts and political and family memorabilia.

Thru April: LINOCUTS BY NORMAN STRIKE: 1975- 2016.  Retrospective of bold prints covering aspects of urban life from ducks in a stream, to riding the bus, DC Chinatown, social issues including homelessness and of course, politics e.g. Lonesome George (W. Bush) and He just wanted to turn back the hands of time on Helms’ attack on the NEA.  Norm Strike says, “The real challenge is making something artistic while having a message.”  He chose printmaking because it continues to be “a means to create imagery that’s affordable.”  Strike worked at Ann Zahn’s Printmakers’ Workshop in Bethesda and was part of the Washington Print Calendar for over 20 years.  He recently participated in the international artists’ book, Metropolis.

April 1-30:  N Wall:  Selected framed prints from the Cabinet Collection.

Norman Strike, St. Nowhere linoprint edition of 10 rice paper, 14" x 11 ¼ ", image 12" x 9" Wonder Graphics THE CABINET ART

The Cabinet Art
4622 Wisconsin Ave NW,
202 328-9100
Sat 11-5 and by appointment.

Contemporary art on paper by DCMV artists to fit your budget and style.  Other media by studio visits.  Art collection services including inventory and storage management.


Top Drawer:  CLAUDIA VESS: THE UNEXPECTED ON PAPER: Whether from gestural beginnings or visual references, each painting resolves with its own logic into something that holds up its end of the conversation.

Claudia Vess Untitled acrylic on arches watercolor paper, 30" x 48" at The Cabinet Art, Uptown/DC

Second Drawer: DECLARATIONS: A celebration of freedom including prints and watercolors of the capital, the national mall and monuments, presidential sketches, and subject matter highlighting Washington, DC.

Cabinet ARTIST Portfolios: Blankstein, Cusick, Huff, Mark, Penay, P Segnan, R Segnan, Stout, Strike, Unger, Vess, Zahn.

Lucy Blankstein, "Great White Heron," Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Del Ray Beach Palm Beach County, Florida archival digital print, 7.5" x 10", at The Cabinet Art

Zenith Gallery, see also Downtown/DC.

1429 Iris St NW. For an appointment, info,
gallery hours & address call 202-783-2963
email: art@zenithgallery.com

39 Years: Rejuvenate with Art, Accent on the Positive, Let’s Celebrate ! Thru April 29.

Featuring: Kim Abraham, Jan Paul Acton, Doba Afolabi, Mason Archie, David Bacharach,   Andrea Barnes, Bert Beirne, Caroline Benchetrit, Harmon Biddle, Binder, Francesca Britton, James Butler, Lenny Campello, Eric Elhenberger, Katie Dell-Kaufman, Renee DuRocher, Elissa Farrow-Savos, Richard Fitzhugh, Robert Freeman, Carol Gellner-Levin, Cassandra Gillens, Julie & Ken Girardini, Margery Goldberg, Carolyn Goodridge, Stephen Hansen, Len Harris, Chris Hayman, Philip Hazard, Tony Henson, Frank Holmes, Marcie Wolf & David Hubbard, Hubert Jackson, Robert Jackson, Gloria Kirk, Joan Konkel, Michael Madzo, Chris Malone, Paul Martin Wolff, Donna McCullough, Hadrian Mendoza, Davis Morton, Carol Newmyer, Ibou N’Daiye, Tom Noll, Keith Norval,  Katharine Owens, Larry Ringgold, Preston Sampson, Gavin Sewell, Sica, Ellen Sinel, Bradley Stevens,  Jennifer Wagner,  Curtis Woody, Joyce Zipperer and many more!

For almost 4 decades Zenith Gallery has been a pillar in the DC arts community. We attribute our success to our ability to transform with the ever-changing times by combining our longstanding commitment to unique artworks with our personalized, high quality customer service.





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